Our Founder

“Trust your mother, God will hear the prayers of the mothers as yours.”

St. Chavara

“Trust your mother, God will hear the prayers of the mothers as yours.”

St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara

“Regular reading of good books and meditating on them will illumine the mind.”



“The children are
treasures entrusted to
the families by God.”

Final Entrance Test

May 25, 2024

School Reopening (UKG to XII)

June 10, 2024

LKG Opening

June 12, 2024

Swearing In Ceremony

June 22, 2024

Monthly Test

June 26, 2024


We, the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI) after the example of our founder, Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara, consider education as an integral formation of the human persons for the fulfilment of their individual and social responsibilities. Our educational endeavours aim at forming leaders who are intellectually competent, spiritually mature, morally upright, psychologically integrated, physically healthy, and socially acceptable who would champion the cause of justice, love, truth, and peace and are ever open to further growth


The school is christened after Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Mount Carmel.  Blessed with a profound faith in the Almighty, Mother Mary is an exemplar and precedent of true discipleship.  After her example and through her patronage, Carmel is striving to initiate her students in the path of wisdom.


Education is not merely learning of a prescribed syllabus.  It involves life.  What one learns is to be lived.  A life style is gradually evolved.  With the motto “Life and Light”, education here at Carmel is designed with the sole purpose of guiding the young minds in the path of enlightenment, empowering them to be responsible citizens of the country in future with a life radiating light.

Awards & Recognition


Harshini K E -Kalakshetra, Chennai.

Words are not enough to speak the glories of Carmel. What I'm today is because of Carmel, and what I would become in the future will be because of her blessings. Carmel is my backbone, and she transformed me and my life into the current status quo. Thank you is not enough for her service, Hence I promise her that I would be a proud daughter of Carmel life long.

Arul Kumar -R&D Principal Engineer, ABB GISPL, Bengaluru

As the first batch student (1983-1984) of Carmel, I had almost spent my entire childhood (12 years) growing up in Carmel. This campus stays as my second home & extended family. Carmel imparted life lessons such as Importance of human values, professional & systematic approach, treating all as equal etc. Visiting Carmel always gives me home-coming experience.

Angu Senthil K -Assistant Professor Department of Civil Engineering, Tiruchengode-637215

I value my Education at Carmel for many reasons. Teachers in Carmel are always remembered for their efforts in shaping the students in every aspect. Concepts learned in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics were applied in my Engineering Education. English and Language papers that they taught in Carmel are continuously helping in the betterment of my Career. I was the Student Secretary in the year 2002-2003 where I learned leadership skills from our Father (Principal) and teachers.

S.P. Saravanan - Senior Reporter, The Hindu, Erode.

I am proud to be an alumnus of the prestigious institution that offered quality education and inculcated moral values that made me a competent individual today. As our school’s focus is on holistic development, it laid a strong foundation in transforming the lives of thousands of students spread globally today. I am elated that I am one among them.

S. Jim Hawkinson -PRO- International MEDIA and Satellite Professor/ECE, EGS, Nagapattinam

I completed Carmel schooling in 2001. It was 12 years long journey from grade I to XII. The teachers and staff showed so much compassion and it was evident that they loved what they did. Carmel taught me leadership, commitment to the assigned responsibilities, values and discipline. To summarize, I am what I am now is because of Carmel. Proud to be a Carmelite.

Bency Immanuel - Science Faculty The Indian Public School, Erode.

Carmel has always been excellent in imparting knowledge. The strength of this place is the emotional connect and mentoring of each faculty member, towards identifying one’s strength and charting a successful career path. The seeds of where I am today have been planted there and I am grateful for that.

The Institution

Carmel Matriculation Higher Secondary School had its humble inception in 1982 and has grown in strength since its’ genesis.  The present strength is two thousand.  The language of instruction is English.  The school is situated away from the bustle of the city, on Karur Bypass Road, with pupil friendly milieu, voluminous play grounds, and ecologically sound landscape.  The school is a refreshing place for assimilating knowledge with its band of passionate, resourceful and stalwart teaching staff and is recognised by the Government of Tamil Nadu.

Ruby Jubilee Anthem

Raise oh Carmel shine oh Carmel

Be the lamp on mountain.

Beacon for the wanderers

Oasis for the suffering world

HOPE HOPE HOPE for humanity.


When we were studying in an upper-primary school in 1967 and while we were returning home from our school, Marathencode by walking, often we had seen some kind of rockets going up leaving some kind of white tails on the South-East sky in later hours.  This was the sight often we were witnessing throughout the years during the evening hours. Our crude knowledge told us that the rockets were sent from Thumba of Thiruvananthapuram to assess the atmosphere of the sky.  This basic knowledge we gathered from the newspapers. Beyond that we had no idea regarding the scientific side of the occurrence.

Later we came to know that they were the sounding rockets. Sounding rockets were one or two stage solid propellant rockets used for probing the upper atmospheric regions and for space research. Scientists like Dr. Vikram Sarabhai and Dr. Abdul Kalam were the scientists behind it. Years later, through the hard work of the numerous scientists and over the years, India achieved the historic event of soft landing of Chandrayaan – 3 on the southern surface of the moon. This venture proves the necessity of strong foundation for any success in any field.

For us, the students, the areas could be character formation, high grades in studies, educational goals, professional preparations, publications etc. All these are part of human existence in one sense, and these are not achieved in one day or even in a time frame of a few years. It needs a persistent effort and the success is the culmination of the first step that we put forward to achieve the final goal. What these few lines try to tell the readers that sincere effort is needed to put up a strong foundation upon which only the success culminates and the success is yours.     

May God bless you all!


Rev. Dr. Thomas Cheeran CMI

Rev. Dr. Anson Panengadan CMI



“My family’s financial situation was enough inspiration for me to do well academically. They had been extremely supportive of me and did everything they could to ensure I studied well”, said S. Nandhini who secured 600/600 in plus two public exams of the state of Tamilnadu, announced in May 2023. When asked how she managed to pull off a perfect score, Ms. Nandhini, a student of  Government aided Girls Higher Secondary School, Dindigul and a daughter of a daily wage labourer, said, studying without being under any pressure helped greatly.

Being a student of the commerce group, she secured six centums in Tamil, English, Commerce, Economics, Accountancy, and Computer Application. She was also among the two students in the state who managed to score a centum in Tamil. She was extremely grateful to the teachers who motivated her to score better after each series of examinations in the academic year. Her school’s headmistress Mrs. Akila A said that they expected Ms. Nandhini to do extremely well, and she had always been a SINCERE student.

The 17 years old hopes to pursue Chartered Accountancy. “I also wish she writes the civil services exam sometime in the future. She had been a good student since her primary school days, and we are happy to see how well she has done,” said Mr. Saravana Kumar, her father, a daily wager.

My Dear Children, Success is no way an accident. Instead it is all result of consistent efforts. It is human to blame various factors for one’s failure. There are no 100% perfect persons or circumstances for success in life. It is counted on your HARDWORK, MOTIVATION, and SINCERITY towards EXCELLENCE. We are witnessing astounding scientific advancements at Chandayaan-3 and Aditya L1. No mission was successful without setbacks. Hence begin to excel today for brighter tomorrow. We teachers and parents are with you in this adventurous journey of HOPE. May God bless U!

Rev. Fr. Dr. Anson Panengaden CMI


Our national flag soars on the sky never before because we achieved landing on moon where no one dare to put their feet.  What made the team achieve it?  The focus on their responsibility.  So what responsibility can do? The following incident could help to narrate it.

 Dina was touched by the attitude and the words of the store owner.  While coming back to the parking slot she noticed a woman who was sleeping at her wheel in her parked car at the corner of the street, and at first she assumed that the woman must be sleeping; she is probably okay.  But then she remembered the store owner’s words just minutes before: ‘the power of taking responsibility’.  So she called the emergency number and said, “A woman sleeping at the wheel of her car on West 37 Street, and it doesn’t look right. Someone should go and check it out.” The dispatcher thanked her for calling and said an ambulance was coming.

 A week later, Dina received a phone call from the mother of the woman who had been sleeping in her car.  She said, “You don’t know me. But I am calling you to thank you.  On behalf of our entire family for calling the emergency number last week. It’s a miracle that you called that night.  My daughter was in hyperglacema and diabetic shock, and if she hadn’t been attended to immediately, she could have died.  You actually saved two lives that night.  Not just one.”  “And how is that?” Dina asked.  The woman said, “My daughter is expecting a baby, and had anything happened to her, the same would have happened to the baby.” Dina hung up the phone and cried tears of joy.  And she was informed that, three weeks later, a healthy baby was born to this mother.

So what brought about this miraculous event?

One word: ‘Responsibility.’

 When we are able to take responsibility for what is being asked of us in every situation, we begin to truly make an impact on the world around us.  I wish all of our Carmelites to take up their responsibility as a good citizen, good child, and good student and be a gem in the world at large.

Rev. Fr.Prabhath Eluvathingal CMI

Financial Administrator 

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